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Manufacturing center in head office:


  Manufacturing center in head office of Changchun Lutong Rail Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd., was established in 2013 with the investment 200 million CNY. It covers the area of 100 thousand square meters, and its building area is nearly 60 thousand square meters. It was formally put into use in January 2017, with a total of about 1200 employees. The registered capital of the company is 40 million CNY, and its annual sales reaches 480 million CNY. The company's main business includes FRP Cab for rail vehicle industry, driver's interiors, modularized interiors of car body, integral toilet module and machining, and welded metal components.

  We currently employ 120 specialized technicians, which contain 75 members who have been awarded middle and senior titles. They are qualified for their independent ability of reach and development, and professional manufacturing capacity. In November 2016, we were granted the qualification certification of High-tech Enterprise R&D Centre.

  The main products of the company which have been certified by IRIS include: aerodynamic Cab, carbon fiber locomotive components, gearbox equipment of high-speed EMU, whole toilet equipment vacuum-controlled automatically, interiors of the driver's Cab and passenger's compartments, large structural parts and machinable metal accessories, etc. Our Products have wide applications in high-speed railway vehicles, subway and light-rail vehicles, and other types of rolling stock.

Helong manufacturing center:

  Changchun Lutong Hengxing Composite Materials Co., Ltd. was the Helong manufacturing center, which moved to a new building in January 2017, and officially upgraded to a manufacturing center of our group. It covers the area of 100 thousand square meters, and its building area is nearly 65 thousand square meters. The main products of the company include: FRP parts, interiors, vehicle seats and air duct products for rail transit industry.

  Helong manufacturing center will keep step with the manufacturing center of head office in its technology and management. We will also put our efforts to differentiate from the head office by playing distinctive marketing roles through shaping a high-end supplier in rail vehicle manufacturing field.

BFG International China:

  Established in August 2006, BFG International China as a global FRP technology leader, is a joint venture between BFG International and CLTR with a registered capital of 15.6 million CNY. It covers the area of 23 thousand square meters, and its building area is nearly 11.5 thousand square meters.

  The company's main business includes: automotive, wind and other manufacturing FRP products, integrated toilet system, and under fairings used for rail transit industry. Our company is equipped with a diversified and energetic team of experts and technicians to meet the most sophisticated needs. 

VOITH Lutong Urban Rail Gearbox Technology (Changchun) Co., Ltd.

  Formally established and went into operation in May 2011, the company was jointly invested by German VOITH Drive Technology Investment (China) Co., Ltd. and Changchun Lutong Rail Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 4.6 million EUR. The total area is 20 thousand square meters, with a total building area of 8600 square meters.

  The company's main business includes the assembly and sales of the subway, light rail, and gear boxes of EMU, and we also provide after-sales service and technical support (including the sales of vehicle parts). The annual production capacity of the design reaches 2500-3000. We take advantage of professional technology from Germany, and develop and manufacture gear boxes for railway vehicles which are more suitable for domestic market, and gradually develop into the worldwide gear box research and production base. We will provide high technology, satisfactory products and services for the Chinese market, and will be committed to energy conservation and emission reduction, and the sustainable development strategy of traffic safety.

Changchun Guan Xin Rui Da Railway Vehicle Part Co., Ltd.

  The company was founded in January 2000, with a registered capital of 10 million CNY. It covers an area of 20 thousand square meters, with a building area of 10 thousand square meters.

  The company is a manufacturing enterprise for railway passenger cars and urban rail transit vehicle accessories and welding parts. There are three senior engineers, two international welding engineers, and two international welding specialists. There are more than 90 members who have obtained European welding certificate.

  In 2006, we obtained the ISO9001 certificate of quality system and the certificate of European welding quality system DIN6700-2C1. In May 2008, we gained the certificate of the European welding quality system EN15085-2CL1 (carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy).

  In January 2008, we obtained the certificate of quality system of Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd. (now CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd.) and gained the supplier qualification. In 2011, we acquired the qualification certificate of the outsourcing supplier from CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd.

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